Test Site

123 Main street.

Happy Birth-DATE!

Details of special coming soon

How to do a new Birth-Date Sale

  1. Go to website and save image of logo on to The Birthdate Sale/ Logos
  2. Enter a new name 
  3. Go to drop down and add a new name.
  4. Blank page. 
  5. Hide from navigation.
  6. Save
  7. Under photos add Graphic and paragraph
  8. Edit images and replace with new Logo
  9. Top line should show name if needed along with address and (ON-LINE) 28 pt. BOLD
  10. Replace editing paragraph with: HAPPY BIRTH-DATE! No add details of special all in BOLD 28pt.
  11. Link to website or whatever.
  12. On the laptop, type in SNIP at the bottom of the screen. Now snip the area and save it to SNIPS on desktop and name it: SNIP - The name.png. 
  13. On the Mac, Shift-Command-4 to get a screenshot. and save to desktop.
  14. Publish
  15. Go to the HOME page. Insert new name in alphabetical list. Link to drop down.
  16. If this is going to be in the Gallery, replace the Gallery highlight with the new highlight. Add snip and link to drop down. 
  17. If this is a new highlight, add element and make it a picture then add snip. Now reduce to W350 and go to paintbrush which allows you to add a wide window frame shadow. and link to drop down.
  18. Publish
  19. To add to' TO SEE COMPLETE LIST' add element below last highlight and follow previous steps.
  20. Add new name in listing below. It will print in red for both the name and the special. Just change the list to black then link it to the drop down. ALL BOLD 28pt. centered.
  21. Once the five highlights are full, just add to the listing and link to the drop down.